That Cool Mode from these Quadcopters

  • Using that quadcopters for your photography
  • A photography site on the web that has a collection of quadcopter headless mode (drone)
  • Affordable quadcopters at

There are many benefits to using quadcopters for your photography. That might be an easy thing to say, but quadcopters indeed elevate your photography to the next level, especially if you’re using that quadcopter headless mode.


This quadcopter headless mode will immediately give you a head start, literally. This is the equipment to use if you don’t want the hassle of undergoing that orientation altogether. If you want to jump right over to the action of taking pictures through your drone, then this quadcopter headless mode is the tool to use.

Quadcopters are mini planes that can carry cameras. In most cases, they are used for big production activities such as making films or documentaries, to somehow add variety to these camera angles. Quadcopters accentuate your bird’s eye view angle, certainly a great way enhance that dramatic element in your photos.

Now, the web is not bereft of quadcopters on sale. Depending on your need, you can buy a quadcopter at a very affordable price. Not that you want to show off to your friends that you have a quadcopter with you, but that you are aiming for something special, that is, creating camera angles that would improve the image and presentation of your photo images, as in the case of these quadcopter headless mode.

The best site to choose that perfect quadcopter headless mode for you is; click this link for more information, In it, you’ll find that appropriate quadcopter that will pave the way for the enhancement of your images, and intensifies your brand of photography in the process.

Get that quadcopter headless mode (drone) now, so you can start posting pictures with these awesome angles to go with.

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That 3D Camera Dojo Effect 

  • 3 elements that make Camera dojo so popular
  • Being popular in the photography scene by using drones
  • Buying Parrot BeBop 2 as your drone choice for your photography

Why is it that many are rooting for Camera dojo when it comes to cameras and drones? What makes their tools so unique that customers keep coming back?

Let us determine 3 of the elements that make Camera dojo so popular with professionals and millennials alike.

  • Design – This is, by far, what separates Camera dojo from the rest of those who offer the same tools. Take, for instance, the Parrot BeBop 2, one of the more popular plane cameras from Camera dojo. From afar, it certainly looks like a dragonfly, especially with its red color. Talk about not just giving perspective to your images, it also looks good to you, too, which is probably the reason why you always tag it along every time you take photos outdoors.
  • Depth – This has something to do also with the features of these drones. They are light and yet capable of giving maximum quality, both in its ability to capture unusual angles to highlighting panoramic scenes that are hard to produce with ordinary cameras. If you’re looking for some depth on your photography, then Camera dojo is the way.
  • Delivery – Camera dojo delivers quality photos with an edge. And that edge comes in a form of knowledge. Since Camera dojo is a photography school, it delivers information in a way that makes readers of its reviews become better buyers of photography equipment. It is a twofold delivery: they deliver comprehensive information to their clients and their clients in turn deliver photos with depth and design unlike anything you have seen in the photography scene.

So, the question of, why is Camera dojo so popular to a lot of people? Just think of these 3 Ds, that 3D effect of Camera dojo: Design, Depth, and Delivery.

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Your Wedding Presets from Lightroom

  • Presets for the enhancement of your wedding pictures available online this year
  • Producing interactive wedding pics via Lightroom presets
  • Accessible and easy photo editing through presets for Lightroom

If you’re one of those who has plans of settling down this year and preparing for that big wedding, you need to look at these wedding presets for Lightroom 2016.

This list will guide you on the type of preset that suits your individual taste and style. It also gives you an idea as to the motif of your wedding, highlighted with the kind of effect you have used with your wedding photos.


These wedding presets for Lightroom 2016 gives you an insight as to how Lightroom changes the way we look at our wedding photos. If in the old days we always consider these photos as just a part of the preparation, today, though, you simply cannot imagine going through a wedding without these artsy, technically enhanced photos.

Lightroom makes these photos an integral piece during that important moment in your life. It enhances your photos exactly the way you feel after saying your vow. That great feeling of being with your loved one as a couple.

These wedding presets for Lightroom 2016 understands that too well. A case in point is Sleeklens, your online photography shop, where you can get the best wedding presets online, along with some specific features to go with it.

These presets also come with additional tools such as brushes, for you to enhance in detail your photo images. And that these presets are compatible with PC or Mac. Simply put, Lightroom is making things easier for you.

So get these wedding presets for Lightroom 2016 through Sleeklens today. It’s only a matter of time before you can create beautiful wedding pictures, and it is all made possible with these cool wedding presets that are so popular this year.

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“Actions” for Your Photos via Photoshop

  • Incorporating “action” into your pictures with Photoshop
  • Allowing you to tweak the color of your photo without altering its original image
  • Photoshop actions free on the web for your photo images

Putting an “actions” into your photo is something new to photography. That is quite a photo solution that only Photoshop can give. If you know how to use actions in Photoshop, chances are your photos are more modern and sophisticated compared to others.

Photoshop brings an entirely new concept as far as photo editing goes, because it allows you to incorporate that action mode into your photo images. You get to see images that are so lifelike; you could almost feel even the texture of that skin.


So it is an advantage on your part if you know how to use actions in Photoshop. There are many benefits to it. Some of the benefits are as follows:

  • It allows you to intensify the color of your images – Color management can either make or break your photo, but if you know how to use actions in Photoshop, you can alter or improve the color scheme of your images in such a way as to create that interactive feel on your photo.
  • It allows you to control the saturation level – This is another aspect in Photoshop that enables you to create that “action” feel with your photo images by controlling the saturation level of its components to achieve a specific effect.
  • It allows you to manage its luminosity – How to use actions in Photoshop also means, you manage the luminosity of your picture’s composition, so you have a better view of what type of image you want in relation to its appropriate radiance.

All these can be achieved if you know how to use actions in Photoshop. So hurry up and get that Photoshop action online, and start using it with your pictures. And you will find it in the long run that your photos are much more sophisticated and technically advanced than the rest. Consequently, you will have more followers in return.

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Enjoy Adobe Lightroom Mobile to IOS and Android for FREE!

  • Adobe Lightroom contains a lot of editing features.
  • Maintaining a well-developed mobile application is not easy.
  • Download Lightroom Mobile on IOS and Android for free now.

Before anything else, let’s try to talk briefly about the best post processing tool first. Adobe Lightroom contains a lot of editing features (via 7 Modules: Library, Develop, Map, Book, Slide Show, Print and Web Module) that can help photographers speed up the entire process of editing. In addition, Lightroom contains Lightroom 5 presets free, or filtered images that can be applied to numerous images in just a few and simple clicks.

However, as the years go by, Adobe continues to provide more interesting Lightroom features that can benefit both amateurs and professional photographers. There is no other photography company that can think like Adobe; they have decided to put Lightroom in mobile.


At first, you’ll find Adobe Lightroom Mobile a bit confusing and tricky because of its few and limited application content. In addition, when Adobe first launched Lightroom mobile, user’s cannot download it for free. But today, with their user’s request, Adobe has made Lightroom mobile accessible to IOS and Android operating system for free.

I guess it’s a risk that Adobe has to take for the benefit and happiness of their users. Maintaining a well-developed mobile application is not easy; but because Adobe System is a people-oriented company, they will choose what’s best for their users.

With Lightroom Mobile, a free downloadable mobile application, you can now modify, enhance and organize your images conveniently through your own smartphones. So, if you’re travelling abroad, or just outside your working space, and you need to make a quick modification, you can now use Lightroom mobile anywhere and anytime you want.

But, here’s the thing, you can only sync images and use Lightroom mobile when you subscribe to their creative cloud service plan.

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Thank You Cards to Use from Infoparrot

  • A collection of thank you card templates from Infoparrot
  • Colorful thank you cards to use in any events
  • Minimalist thank you cards you can get only at Infoparrot

Infoparrot, your ultimate photography shop online, boasts of having the best collection of thank you cards for daily use. With its cool designs and interactive features, you can now have your thank you cards with that added edge.


Here is a list of thank you cards to use for any event.

  • Thank You Card 3 – This collection of thank you card is perfect for those who just had their “I dos”. Send these cards to those friends who attended your wedding, and they will see how you value them as part of your most important event in your life.
  • Colorful Thank You Card – Here is a list of thank you cards to use for any event that is classy and memorable to say the least. It has that layout where you can incorporate tons of color and additional features to it, including inserting a note to go with those images.
  • Eye-Catching Thank You Card – As the term suggests, it is eye-catching that you can’t take your eyes off it as soon as you receive it. You can edit this card using Photoshop or Illustrator. Of course, depending on your style.
  • Hand-Painted – If you want to have that painting effect on your card, then this is the thank you card for you. Present your appreciation in a variety of ways, and this is definitely one of them.
  • Minimalist Thank You Card – If you want simplicity as your motif, then this is the card for it. Keeping it simple is more powerful at times than using a lot of effects on it. Just a subtle way of showing your appreciation.

Here is a list of thank you cards to use for any event that never fails to make an impression on people. Use these cards from Infoparrot, and enjoy the effects it has on people. And you will find it joy using this list from Infoparrot for your thank you cards.

Check out Infoparrot today and get that appropriate thank you card template right now.

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Getting to Know More about Lightroom and Photoshop  

  • Cool features for the enhancement of your photos either via Lightroom or Photoshop
  • Easy, effective tools that allow you to save time when editing your photos
  • Presets and actions you can get online free

If you are curious about knowing more about these photo apps, you might want to read some articles and watch videos about it, so you will know what sort of tools you need for the enhancement of your photos. There are materials that you can get further information about Lightroom or Photoshop online. Knowing them allows you to decide wisely next time on what type or what sort of Lightroom preset or Photoshop action to use on your pictures.

A blog about Lightroom and Photoshop will go a long way as far as knowing what type of presets or actions to use on your photos. These are stories from those who have used Lightroom or Photoshop on their picture. Consequently, you can get points from them, what needs to be done, as well as the things to avoid.


A blog about Lightroom and Photoshop allows you to weight over certain presets or actions that fits exactly the effect you have in mind. Let us discuss, though, why reading a blog about Lightroom and Photoshop helps a lot in choosing the right tools for your photos.

  • Knowing its features – Tools or solutions come with different features. Getting to know them by reading a blog about Lightroom and Photoshop will give you an idea on how to deal with your photos as soon as you employ either Lightroom or Photoshop on your pictures.
  • Knowing its effectiveness – You wouldn’t want to waste any resources when purchasing that paid preset or action online. So you make it a point to read about it, and see to it your idea jives with that specific feature of your preset.
  • Knowing its value – When designers talk about a particular product or commodity, more often than not, that is an indication of how significant that product is because it has been approved and proven to have some impact on its users.

These are basically the benefits of reading a blog about Lightroom and Photoshop, you get to be acquainted with your tools before you can use with your photos. Lightroom tutorials made easy is only possible if you can get the appropriate preset or action in your photo.

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Importance of Adobe Lightroom for Images

  • Lightroom was built to help professional photographers
  • Modifying images in Adobe Lightroom are easy and spontaneous.
  • What are Lightroom presets?

One of the greatest advantages of Adobe Lightroom is its capacity to convert RAW and JPEG files. Aside from its user-friendly images, Lightroom offers several editing features such as Lightroom presets. Basically, Lightroom was built to help professional photographers with their editing workload. With Lightroom presets, they can use and apply it to one or more images in just a few clicks. These small action camera presets are very similar to Photoshop actions, but more simplified.


In this article, we will talk about the importance of Adobe Lightroom and presets for your images. In addition, you’ll learn the basics of presets and why you should use it instead of editing images manually. We will also teach you how to organize, import and export images using Lightroom different modules. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you’ll learn from it and apply it to your workflow.

What are Lightroom presets and Why we should use it for images?

Modifying images in Adobe Lightroom are easy and spontaneous. Adobe system has designed it with a goal to provide an easy workflow for most amateurs and professional photographers. Lightroom is also a non-destructive tool which conserves the original file setting of every image imported in the interface. So, what are Lightroom presets? It is a set of images with specific modifications. It can be black and white, vintage, HDR or an image with a unique effect. Why should we use it? Well, in today’s time wherein we are bombarded with tons of editing tasks, editing images one by one, manually is not ideal and practical. We need something like presets for Lightroom to make our lives easier. Aside from the fact that it helps us save a lot of time, money and effort, Lightroom is more effective than Photoshop; it also helps us organize our images in one collection.

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Is Photoshop Actions Better Than Lightroom Preset?

  • Photoshop and Lightroom are considered to be two of the most powerful and effective post processing tools
  • Both programs are effective and reliable.
  • Choosing which program to use for your images depends on what you think will work best on your workflow.

Generally, both Adobe products, Photoshop, and Lightroom are considered to be two of the most powerful and effective post-processing tools for photographers. Personally, I use both programs on a day to day basis. Adobe’s Photoshop actions and Lightroom presets offer the same services and that is to help photographers save time and effort in editing tons of images. But some photographers, especially beginners, want to know if which program serves better.

LR3 (2)

Before we start this software review, I will give you a brief introduction or overview about the two famous editing tools. Basically, Photoshop was released in the year 1990 but was created in 1988. People often refer Photoshop as a tool for professional photographers because of its complex interface. While in 2006, Adobe decided to release a new tool called Lightroom, and this time, it is proposed for everyone who wanted to modify images the easy way.

Both programs are effective and reliable. However, in some cases, Photoshop and its actions can save time than Lightroom presets. Why? Because actions can be replayed any time, while presets will depend on the theme, style and subject of the image.

As an avid Adobe user, I am enjoying the thought of creating collections of presets and recording step by step process of editing. However, during peak times wherein I don’t have enough time to create or record actions or presets, I usually depend on third party products since all I have to do is to search and download presets and photoshop filters free.

Although, in my opinion, I prefer Photoshop actions for several reasons. Choosing which program to use for your images depends on what you think will work best on your workflow. Not everyone will like presets or actions, it really hinges on your photography needs. But for the record, there’s nothing to argue or debate between Photoshop and Lightroom because they are both effective and useful.

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